Pet Policy

Dear Furry Friend,

Let’s review some important guidelines of your stay to make it a great experience for all:

  • We welcome you here and are happy that you will be staying in one of our special pet designated rooms. Please don’t bring along too many of your friends as we can only have two pets per room. We love you dearly but want to make sure that any future or current guests who might have a pet allergy is not rendered all teary eyed due to being exposed to you or any of our furry friends!
  • Did someone say “walk”? Make sure you walk in our pet friendly walk areas. There are many trails nearby that one of our guest services team can direct you to! Please always stay on your leash when outside of your guestroom.
  • We have pet designated bathroom areas located outside. Have your owner take a “pick-up waste bag” on your walk. Complimentary pick-up bags are available at the front desk or in stands conveniently located around the hotel. Picking up after you, ensures healthy conditions for other pets and it is the local law.
  • Only assistance guide dogs are allowed in any public area that includes but is not limited to; the dining area, meeting/banquet rooms, 2nd floor lounge, and non-pet friendly guestrooms.
  • No matter how well adjusted you are at home, you may get lonely and bark when left alone in the guestroom. Please don’t disturb other guests. Have your owner take you with them when they leave the guestroom.
  • Hush puppy! Refrain from barking and whining. If you’re not quiet and we receive two noise or disruptive complaints, it’s the doghouse for you. You and your owner will be asked to make alternative arrangements and that would make us very sad.
  • Your owner must be present, and have you restrained while any hotel employee is servicing your guestroom (housekeeping, engineering, in-room dining, etc.). We will not enter any guestroom that has an unrestrained pet.
  • This might be “ruff” for you (and maybe even for your owner) because it’s hard to resist our comfortable beds but pets are not allowed on the furniture.
  • Want to bathe? Guest Services can refer a local groomer should you need a bath, but please – not in our shower.
  • There is a one-time fee of $30.00+tax for pet-cleaning services, but beware that an extra fee may be incurred should there be significant additional cleaning required.

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